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Social media content calendar for UAE

The letter V used to stand for Victory, but the new buzzword is Viral. It’s the unicorn everyone wants to own on their social feed. The glitter on your shiny content. But Viral ideas don’t fall from the sky (or ceiling in case you’re staring at walls for idea).

You need a trigger.

A topic.

A push-comes-to-shove.

While you are always ‘googling’ for what’s happening, Praxis has made it easier for you.

We have an year’s content calendar for you, absolutely free of charge.

By the looks of it, it might come across as an impressive arm candy, but there’s more to it than meets-the-eye. It’s a keeper, your BFF for 2019.

Now spend less time researching, more time creating. Whether you’re a marketing manager, digital analyst, social media lead, solopreneur, influencer, consultant, brand, agency or a team of excited geeks, this content calendar will provide you the first step to get a hold of what’s happening around in the region.

The content calendar from Praxis is a broad planner that lists down all the events, occasions, festivals, happenings, special days, and much more, across a diverse set of topics happening in UAE and the Middle East. It also considers all the nationalities that would be targeted through the content on your social media channels. It’s the perfect launchpad to extract opportunities that lurk around you to create epic & viral content.

So get down to defining your goals for the year, brainstorm on what kind of content you can produce for these days, how well you can engage with your audience with custom content strategy, and plan it well in advance!