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From Y2k to Web3
We’ve stayed relevant

From the ‘analog era’ in 1999 when Praxis started, to machine learning, artificial intelligence & virtual reality, we’ve stayed relevant till date…because neither humans have changed, nor their desire for stories. Only the mediums have multiplied. We address human emotions from a thriving ecosystem of diverse touchpoints. Transforming spaces into engagement areas. Crafting thumb-stopping content. Converting data into success stories. Powering brands to become an emotion.

Praxis means practicing of an art or a skill. We at Praxis have sharpened our storytelling skills to be more personalized, relatable, memorable, insightful and thought-provoking. We discuss human behavior first, then tie-in the brand’s offering that navigate through the customer journey.

Insightful is

Every Brand has the
Potential to be
a Magnum Opus

Our services are focused on your growth – irrespective of your brand size, billing potential, industry, or the phase of your brand journey. Having worked with start-ups, regional brands, international brands to legacy brands – Praxis has given each the same priority & creating successes out of each. The objective is clear – we grow together.

This gives our clients the advantage of getting tailored marketing strategy, uncomplicated processes, personalized attention, swift responses, and greater value. This is the void we have been filling in the market, while investing in long-term relationships.

From Mind.
To Heart. To Cart

We never wanted to over-intellectualize communication. It must be simple yet impactful. Stopping you at your tracks to take notice and ponder. Occupy a spot in your mind, find a special place in your heart and eventually influence you to buy the product. This is nutshell-ed in our slogan – From mind. To heart. To cart.

The Scientific
Side of Art

The Praxian Methodology centers around research & collaboration. Data sharpens our pencils, analytics augment our intent, insights fuel our creativity and brainstorming articulates our vision. Marketing is an ever-evolving landscape; but our passion, emphasis on human truth and the will to evoke remain constant.

Being Praxian Means…

Be A Sport…

You’ll find us jumping into a vocally and physically demanding ‘gully-cricket’ series in the middle of a brainstorming session. Or playing foosball. And yes, we do have a dart-board with ample space to stick mug-shots of your ‘favourite’ person.

You Scratch Mine.
I Scratch Yours.

Inclusivity is an exclusivity every Praxian prides with, having a creative flair and say in all aspects. We thrive on an open platform that believes in sharing, discussing and evolving irrespective of the department or brief.

There Are Better
Things To Do At Night.

After-hours could be the golden hours for some. But we believe that the best of work happens when you are capable to give your best anytime. Never otherwise. Trust us when we say that there are much better things to do at night.

Offline Is a
Wonderful Thing

Life inspires. Not Google. We believe in stepping out of the office and going on a tryst with life in its many forms. While we would like to maintain a tone of professionalism and say that this helps us observe behavior & trends, frankly, we’re just taking a break from what is and moving towards what could.

The Underwear Awards

Our in-house award dedicated to the gazillions of ideas that have given us innumerable pleasurable sensations; which have remained ideas because of people on the other side of the table. It’s those big ideas that we honor every year. It’s like this – only you know how you feel in your favorite underwear.

No Food. No Army.

From those who blog about every morsel they taste to those who don’t even mind what they’re eating as long as it tastes good, food forms an intrinsic part of our culture. It’s a simple equation. If it’s ‘food for thought’ and ‘a penny for your thoughts’, then definitely it’s food that starts off the whole process.