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Tokio Marine


Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. is Japan’s oldest and largest non-life Insurance companies, which traces its roots back to 1879.Since they’ve completed 43 years in the UAE, they wanted to make a splash about it as their focus has shifted to B2C business as well.The campaign strategy was aimed at getting leads and conversions too.Summer in UAE is one of the major marketing calendars and deals abound the market. It’s an expat country and almost everyone is planning a trip to either to their home country or anywhere in the world due to UAE’s proximity to the West & East. A holiday is one of the most sought after giveaways for this region. Hence, Ticket to Japan was agreed to be the main giveaway, as Tokio Marine Insurance was founded in Japan. To ensure that the leads we get are qualified enough for the motor insurance product, car plate number was made mandatory in the form to be filled on a landing page. To convert leads into acquisitions, another giveaway was formulated which was a guaranteed gift voucher up to AED 200 by It’s a coupon website, wherein you can redeem a coupon almost everywhere, from cinemas, saloons, shopping brands, supermarkets to entire malls. This was a great value for money for customers who are looking for buying motor insurance.