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This is what you call Digital First!

A furniture exchange program was introduced in this region by Home Centre in the summer of 2017, while all the efforts went into making the process as much digital as possible for convenience.

We created an easy to remember property called ‘Snap It Swap it’. The catchy communication was designed to prompt the customers to exchange their old furniture for new. The mechanics were simple, get an exchange value for your old furniture by clicking a picture and submitting for valuation. The new furniture was discounted with the amount. Upon delivery the old furniture was collected and recycled. Simple!!

Taking a Home into Cyberworld

“Website Launch of the Year Winner 2016” – Seamless Awards.

This award statement itself justifies the efforts gone into promoting the e-commerce website of Home Centre that enables customers to purchase furniture online.

The creative route taken came from an insight that people love to search about anything they buy. Hence, we created a search bar with 5-6 search results that were the USPs of the website. The simplicity of the creative resonated with everyone, and the media channels chosen to communicate ensured the message reached far & wide.

As part of a wider brand engagement, Praxis conceptualized various successful marketing campaigns throughout the year across media.