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An Artistic Brand Positioning

Opened in September 2013, GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, is an international world class school dedicated to fostering a passion for excellence in learning and in life.

As a part of the recent expansion of the school facilities and a repositioning of the school communication messaging, Praxis was invited to create engagement through the relevant communication across all the areas that were to be a part of the school tour, including a completely revamped reception foyer, auditorium foyer and the main corridors.

In the summer of 2022, Praxis also designed and installed a new look branding for the launch of the Early Years Center Nursery at WEK. The challenge was to create a branding style which was warm and inviting for the young students who stepped into school for the very first time. A natural theme of wooden textures and earthen colours with stunning imagery was installed that blended well with overall design of the centre.

Another rebranding project was the new Sixth Form area for their senior students at WEK. Fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, the branding was designed around the curriculum offerings of the Sixth Form. Highlighting the unique science of learning model, the school ethos was communicated through graphic and engaging visuals.