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April fool’s blog

The ‘Gotcha’ Moments perfected by Social Media Marketing on April Fool’s Day: Many brands in the UAE made the best use of Social Media in pulling up pranks on people. Well, why not! April 1st is the only day when you can be uniquely-illogical and not get slammed for misinformation.

From Single-Crystal Titanium Suit equipped food delivery crew to Charcoal-Infused Water, these brands did not miss an opportunity to ‘Fool’ us.

While some of the pranks were so obvious that we knew from the time it was posted that they were April Fool’s prank, some were too good to be true. There were some very well camouflaged campaigns that they actually had us surprised.

Enough said! You’ve got to take a look for yourself. Presenting 17 April Fool’s prank done by brands in UAE.

KHDA’a merger with the Kebab & Hommous Delectation Association

Audi’s name changed to Odi

ICC new rules

Emirates chauffeur-less drones

Intern for Resident Ghost at Dubai Opera


Pet friendly eye-lashes by Huda Beauty

Etihad Air-Cart

Deliveroo banning all pizza crust options

Namshi Falcon Express delivery

APPLY NOW: the Lovin Dubai Ambassador

Healthy dog food

Charcoal-infused water

Healthy dog food

Uber eats Flying commercial

Pulse 95 Radio server crash

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