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5 Strategies Leading Content Marketing in 2023

As an ad agency, we at Praxis are well-versed in the trends, trials and tribulations of content marketing. We get it. The market is oversaturated and standing out within a crowd of loud voices is challenging… So, why not stand ahead of the crowd instead?
One of the best ways to get ahead is to study the smart strategies that are leading 2023’s content marketing trends. Check out some of the top trends highlighted here:
  1. User-Created Content: What do consumers trust most? Other consumers. Encouraging consumers to create posts and reviews will attract more consumers to your brand.
  2. Interactive Content: Polls, quizzes, etc. allow followers to interact with your content. Experiences that directly engage them are more likely to bring them back for more!
  3. Personalization: Use AI to personalize your content to your target audience’s tastes and build their bond with your brand.
  4. Micro-Influencers: Go macro with micro-influencers. Their smaller niche followings make for closer connections with their followers, and give you access to a highly specific target audience.
  5. Improve your SEO Strategy: Stuffing your articles with buzzwords just for S-E-O will make readers S-E-E right through you. Prioritize content that’s current, helpful, and interesting (like our blog, hopefully!) so that readers trust your takes on timely topics algorithms will follow.
You want consumers to see YOU instead of seeing through you. Make use of these strategies, and they will see you right at the front of the crowd.
5 Proven Strategies for Content Marketing in 2023